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Arbitrage betting in Texas and elsewhere is a system used by some bettors to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome. While not illegal, most, if not all, sportsbooks in Texas may frown upon it, and players may face some kind of retribution for using this system. Here’s what you need to know about arbitrage betting in Texas:

What is Arbitrage Betting in TX?

Arbitrage betting is a betting system where bettors make several bets by means of various sportsbooks on separate outcomes, but for an identical bet to confirm some profit irrespective of the results. Bettors exploit differences in the betting values at various live and virtual sportsbooks.

Can You Make Money Using Arbitrage Betting In Texas?

Yes, it is possible to make money by arbitrage betting in Texas. But, it requires a good amount of precision, patience, and perception to use this system efficiently. All profits will be minimal in comparison to the money you’re risking because you’re betting on both sides. This means it could be a while before you build up your bankroll.

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Examples of Arbitrage Betting:

Here are a couple of popular examples of arbitrage sports betting in Texas:

Example One:

MLB betting can offer plenty of opportunities for arbitrage betting, and it’s always good to be on the lookout for differences in betting odds across different sportsbooks. Here’s an example of how to make money with arbitrage betting using MLB betting odds:

Suppose you locate these MLB betting odds for a match between the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers:

  • On the BetMGM app, you notice the Astros are -150 moneyline favorites
  • The FanDuel app says that the Rangers are +160 underdogs

To make a guaranteed profit, you would need to place two bets:

  • Place $100 on the Astros at BetMGM
  • Place $62.50 on the Rangers at FanDuel

These are the two possible outcomes:

  • Astros win: You gain $66.67 for placing a bet on the Astros moneyline, making a loss of $62.50 that you played on the Rangers. Total profit: $4.17.
  • Rangers win: You gain $100 for placing a bet on the Rangers moneyline, making a loss of $100 you played on the Astros. Total profit: $0.

Example Two:

Another way to take advantage of arbitrage betting is by making use of line movement to your advantage. Let’s see how you can do that using the NFL as an example:

Suppose you’ve already bet on the Dallas Cowboys with +110 moneyline odds in a matchup against the Washington Football Team. However, during that week, news breaks that Washington’s starting quarterback will be unable to play due to an injury, which causes the odds to change drastically. The Cowboys now turn into the favorites, while the Washington Football Team are +130 underdogs.

To make a guaranteed profit, you would need to place two bets:

  • Bet $100 on the Cowboys at +110 odds
  • Bet $77 on the Washington Football Team at +130 odds

Here are the two potential outcomes:

  • Cowboys win: You get a profit of $10 for betting on the Cowboys moneyline, making a loss for the $77 you bet on the Washington Football Team. Total profit: $10.
  • Washington Football Team wins: You get a profit of $30 for your bet on the Washington Football Team moneyline, making a loss of the $100 you bet on the Cowboys. Total profit: $30.

In both examples, it’s important to act quickly and place both bets at roughly the same time to ensure that you can get them in before the odds change. It’s also essential to be cautious when participating in arbitrage betting, as sportsbooks may frown upon it and limit your account or ban you from betting altogether.

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Which sports have the best opportunities for arbitrage gaming in Texas?

Arbitrage betting can be a lucrative strategy for sports bettors, but finding the right sports and betting opportunities is crucial. Here are some of the best sports for arbitrage betting in Texas:

Horse Racing

Horse races can be an excellent way to take part in arbitrage betting in Texas, especially if sports gambling exchanges gain popularity. Betting exchanges enable you to act as a bookmaker, allowing you to lay and back bets. With horse racing, there can be a lot of variation in the odds across different betting platforms, making it an ideal sport for arbitrage betting.


Soccer is yet another sport that is a good option for arbitrage betting in Texas. The sport has a global following, meaning that there are numerous betting markets available. Additionally, soccer matches often have a wide range of outcomes, making it more likely that there will be differences in odds across different sportsbooks.


Tennis is one other sport that could be favorable when thinking of arbitrage betting in Texas. Although tennis betting may not be as popular as soccer or betting on the NFL, there can be significant variations in odds between sportsbooks, providing opportunities for arbitrage betting. Tennis matches can also have surprising outcomes, adding to the unpredictability of the sport and the potential for arbitrage opportunities.

It’s essential to keep in mind that sportsbooks in Texas are aware of arbitrage betting, so finding quality arbitrage bets can be challenging. However, if you can identify discrepancies in the odds between different sportsbooks, you can take advantage of arbitrage betting opportunities and potentially earn a profit.

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What is the meaning of “lay” and “back” when discussing arbitrage betting?

If you are exploring the realm of arbitrage betting, you may encounter two buzzwords – the first being “back” and the second, “lay.” Let’s delve into them. In lay betting, players place a bet on a certain team to lose. For instance, if you lay a bet on Team A, you’re essentially betting that Team A will not win the game. On the flip side, back bets are wagers you place for a team’s win. So, if you back a bet on Team B, you’re betting that Team B will win the game.

How to spot arbitrage opportunities in Texas?

The internet is an excellent source for finding arbitrage opportunities in Texas. If you are living somewhere where betting on sports is allowed, sportsbook apps in Texas can be your best friend. These apps enable you to compare odds and identify any variations between various sportsbooks, which is crucial for arbitrage betting. When you manage to find odds where sportsbooks offer you confirmed profit, that’s when you pounce.

Timing is crucial when you’re dealing with arbitrage betting. You have to be quick and place your bets approximately simultaneously to ensure that you can take advantage of the odds before they change. Setting up alerts for specific games or events can also help you identify arbitrage opportunities in advance.

What risks are associated with arbitrage betting in Texas?

While arbitrage betting can be a lucrative pursuit, it’s not without risks. The primary risk is that the sportsbooks may find out that you’re engaging in it. Bookmakers may frown upon someone playing in a manner where there is no chance of losing.

If they detect any unusual activity, they may collaborate with other sportsbooks to identify those that engage in this type of betting. If you’re caught, sportsbooks may limit your maximum possible wager, or they could even place a ban on your account restricting you from placing bets altogether.

Despite the risks involved, many bettors have engaged in arbitrage betting online without any issues because it’s challenging to detect. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks and exercise caution when participating in arbitrage betting.

Purchasing Arbitrage Opportunities in Texas

Arbitrage betting gave rise to the development of software that streamlines the research process for identifying arbitrage opportunities. Rather than spending an extensive amount of time searching for such opportunities, services like these do the hard work instead, indicating precisely where and how you can make an arbitrage bet.

As sports betting in Texas continues to grow, there is an abundance of tools available to bettors. However, before considering any investment in betting tips, it is essential to determine what kind of player you want to be, and what goals you aim to achieve from your time placing sports bets, as these services may come with a high annual subscription cost.

It is worth noting that the profits made as a result of arbitrage betting are typically minimal. Consequently, the cost of such services could outweigh the profits you may make. Moreover, sportsbooks may go to these websites, which makes it relatively easy for them to identify bettors who are using arbitrage betting as their strategy.

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